Simpatica is a Development and Design Studio based in Manchester. We are a Shopify Plus Partner - and specialise in Prestige, Culture, Fashion and Food.

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“We appointed Simpatica to build our promotional website, TickX.com- we were extremely impressed the team’s knowledge and expertise and they more than delivered on the brief. Being able to have a shared Slack channel to bounce ideas off Alex and his super talented, approachable and friendly team was fantastic and allowed us to build our promotional website which exceeded our expectations on time and on budget. Highly recommend!”




Simpatica have changed our opinion of working with agencies. After a bad experience with another agency, we took the leap and am glad we did. Professional, friendly service but more importantly they listen to what we need and show real passion for our business. Thank you for your ongoing hard work! Highly recommend.




When we needed to rebrand and migrate our website, Simpatica made a daunting task quick and simple. We worked closely with the Simpatica team to create a site that met our organisation’s needs. As challenges arose – which is inevitable with a project of this scale, and when working with a website in two different languages – Simpatica adapted effortlessly to accommodate the requirements. We’re really pleased with the outcome and we look forward to continuing to develop our working relationship with support from Simpatica going forward.

Carmel Giblin

CEO & President

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Meet the Founder



Faking it? Anna Lee has 50,000 anonymous orgasms and counting

In the world of sex tech, Anna Lee, co-founder of Lioness, pioneers a data-driven approach to understanding female orgasms. Through the innovative Lioness vibrator, equipped with force sensors and an app, users can track and analyze their pelvic floor movements, contributing to a broader conversation on sexual health and bridging the gap in research, despite the challenges faced by the sex tech industry in mainstream acceptance and advertising.

Leah Montebello
September 1, 2022



Why TikTok’s unpredictability is its most attractive feature

It’s 22:41 on a Tuesday evening. I’m lying in bed trying not to think about how if the West are now living in a “post-pandemic” state, yet the virus is only accelerating in the East, does that now make Covid-19 a third world disease, and whether or not if J-Lo and Ben Affleck getting back together means I should dig out my old Tamagotchi from under my bed in some sort of Noughties’ tribute. The only thing distracting me from these thoughts? TikTok.

Tilly Brogan
August 3, 2022




Alexander and the Paradox of Choice

There’s a new audio listening app on the block. Hardly surprising given the surge in demand for audio and visual content as people churn though entertainment during unprecedented amounts of leisure time. We’re consuming more than ever and we’re doing it at pace.

Tanisha F
July 7, 2022

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