Simpatica is a Manchester-based software development agency. Led by Mike Wood - our CTO with over 20 years’ experience – Simpatica in just a handful of years has built a strong client base within Prestige, Food, Fashion and Culture.

Why we exist:

Our vision for a software development agency you might just enjoy working with

Alexander Vaughan - Co-Founder

As with all good Mission Statements - firstly a confession of guilt. I am not a developer. My coding skills are reserved strictly for fron end fettling and small passion projects that have absolutely no commercial value. I am a digital tactician who has - over the years - learned to embrace strategy. Mike, Simpatica’s Co-Founder and the ‘Full English’ of Chief Technology Officers, is very much the brains behind our development team. I believe we are rare in our enjoyment of working with each other. The ability to build and advise (definitely not in that order) has kept us in good stead. A software developer and a marketeer walk into a bar… it’s where we do our best thinking.

We’re generalist and proud of it

If, as is unfortunately likely, you have had a negative experience working with a software development agency - your experience probably encompassed missed deadlines, poor communication and a process so exhausting you wish you’d never bothered in the first place. I have been there as both a client and a product owner. I became so enraged with the jargon, the ‘rituals’ and the management strategies - I dreaded doing anything that required development effort. From the beginning, Mike and I believed that our Designers and Developers needed to know more than just Development and Design to meet the needs of our clients.

Ultimately, a good agency needs to be able to know the context in which their work is going to be used and ideally have a good idea of the commerciality, too. The end result is a team of people who are excellent in their field but also proficient at understanding the needs of commercial reality. Fundamentally, an agency needs curiosity and broad minds in order to help their clients flourish.


Our Values: Your Development Partner

  • We can build anything you like - it’s just a question of time, budget and priorities.
  • We'll use our experience to help you get maximum value from your development resource.

Shopify Development

 from a Manchester Shopify Agency

Simpatica is a Shopify Partner and Shopify Development specialist. We have built a body of work across a range of Shopify clients. Our 10-person strong development team is based in Manchester. We don’t employ project managers. When you work with Simpatica - direct contact with the development team is a core element of our offer.

Shopify Agency… Plus

Our development team are all qualified, or in the process of qualifying, as full stack developers. We feel our agency and clients benefit from our developers working across all elements of software development (as opposed to a focus on front end, dev ops etc.) Shopify is an extremely powerful CMS that gives the illusion of removing the need for traditional ‘back end’ coding – with the focus squarely on the aesthetics or front-end visuals instead. We find that our team are often able to outclass other agencies by combining our in-depth knowledge of Shopify with an agile approach to software development (as employed on large software projects.)


What our Clients Say:

“Simpatica have changed our opinion of working with agencies. After a bad experience with another agency, we took the leap and am glad we did. Professional, friendly service but more importantly they listen to what we need and show real passion for our business. Thank you for your ongoing hard work! Highly recommend.”

Moving to Shopify

A large part of our practice is helping businesses move from platforms such as Wordpress, VisualSoft and Magento - to Shopify. We feel Shopify offers unparalleled features, software updates and conversion tools – it’s a class-leading platform and should be the first choice of any scale-up or SME eCommerce business. 

Moving platforms can feel daunting – especially when you have been on an existing eCommerce platform for several years. We can’t promise moving plaform will be easy – but our expertise will help you make your migration a worthwhile success.


Shopify Migration Masterclass Notes

Download >>>

Webflow Development

Introducing Webflow – an excellent alternative to Wordpress

Over the last few years, Simpatica has embraced Weblow whole-heartedly. We love the flexibility and power the Webflow platforms offers out of the box. Unlike other content-orientated CMS providers, Webflow can be used for animation, highly-customisable visuals and as an excellent host for integrated apps. 

How does Webflow compare to Wordpress?

  • Webflow has many of the same use cases that Wordpress has when it comes to static content, ticketing, and brand websites
  • Unlike Wordpress, Webflow hosting is fully managed by Webflow itself – removing the need to layer the CMS on a hosting provider 
  • Webflow is very quick to set up – taking a matter of minutes to create a basic website
  • Webflow supports sophisticated connections and integrations 

What use-cases does Webflow have?

  • Webflow is ideal for a mostly static Website with CMS capability – think corporate website, landing page, brand site or ticketing hub

What our clients say:

We appointed Simpatica to build our promotional website, we were extremely impressed the team’s knowledge and expertise and they more than delivered on the brief. Being able to have a shared Slack channel to bounce ideas off Alex and his super talented, approachable and friendly team was fantastic and allowed us to build our promotional website which exceeded our expectations on time and on budget. Highly recommend!

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