Ecommerce Consultancy

Looking to boost sales and conversion on your website? Simpatica’s Manchester-based team have been working in eCommerce consultancy for more than a decade. We’ve collaborated and advised homegrown businesses here in Manchester to some of Europe’s biggest digital brands.

You may wish to explore eCommerce consultancy with Simpatica if: 

  • Your eCommerce site has started to decline in sales or traffic performance (in noticeable month-on-month or year-to-date, year-on-year - increments)

  • Your eCommerce site has lost its sense of purpose or mission

  • In comparison to competitors - your website feels less visually innovative or lacks new features

  • Your team need new skills, strategies and training

  • You have recently parted ways with a longstanding Digital, Design or Development agency and are looking to tender a replacement

Consultancy with Simpatica

How can we help?

ecommerce consultancy


  • When it comes to your eCommerce website, Simpatica can provide a view of how you stack up against the best-in-class brands for your category and region

  • Once we’ve established a benchmark for your business – we can help you create a plan to better meet the needs of your shopper, improve on-page performance and drive sales

What does an audit process with Simpatica look like?

  • We design our audits especially for the client in question – which means there’s almost no such thing as a typical Simpatica audit 

  • We start by speaking extensively to you – to understand your eCommerce website’s needs, important requirements and areas of focus 

  • Our audits can be sized for impact – whether you want to zero-in on a specific problem or have more comprehensive view of your website in mind

What are the outputs of an eCommerce audit?

  • The most important output of an eCommerce audit is valuable information that you can use make positive changes to your business 

  • Simpatica will deliver the findings, insights and recommendations of an audit in a format that works for you – clients typically ask for a slide deck and companion in-person workshop


Training and eCommerce Workshops

  • Keeping your team sharp with best practices, digital functions and eCommerce strategies can feel beyond the capabilities and capacity of your business

  • Simpatica is able to provide upskilling, eCommerce insights and training to help your team better meet the challenges they face and tackle change with confidence

  • Workshops can take place virtually or in-person (Simpatica will manage all logistics)

Agency Search

Sometimes it takes an agency to find an agency. Simpatica can help you find an eCommerce or digital agency that fits your business. We’ll run your tender process for you – involving you all the way – and making a recommendation as to who you should hire, for what price and for what term.

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