Simpatica is a Development and Design Studio based in Manchester. We are a Shopify Plus Partner - and specialise in Prestige, Culture, Fashion and Food.

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The team have been brilliant start to finish, easy to work with and were armed with a cost-effective brief that met our requirements. Communication has been excellent as well as feedback and aftercare. Couldn’t recommend Simpatica enough. I’ve worked with a lot of agencies over 12 years big and small and they’ve been one of the easiest and most competent to work with.


Senior Marketing Manager

The Tea Makers

We wanted to create a new website and shop front for TickX, showcasing our technology and taking inspiration from leading fintech and martech companies. Simpatica listened closely to our brief and created a visually gorgeous, intuitive website rich in design elements. The team were talented and worked closely with us addressing the brief and feedback, but also bringing a lot of ideas to the table


Director of Strategy


Simpatica are a pleasure to work with. They're super-determined, tenacious, and calm in the face of crisis. They're also very easy to communicate with, and will always go the extra mile to ensure his clients feel understood.


Head of E-Commerce

My Supper Hero

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Meet the Founder



Faking it? Anna Lee has 50,000 anonymous orgasms and counting

In the world of sex tech, Anna Lee, co-founder of Lioness, pioneers a data-driven approach to understanding female orgasms. Through the innovative Lioness vibrator, equipped with force sensors and an app, users can track and analyze their pelvic floor movements, contributing to a broader conversation on sexual health and bridging the gap in research, despite the challenges faced by the sex tech industry in mainstream acceptance and advertising.

Leah Montebello
Jan 25, 2024



Why TikTok’s unpredictability is its most attractive feature

It’s 22:41 on a Tuesday evening. I’m lying in bed trying not to think about how if the West are now living in a “post-pandemic” state, yet the virus is only accelerating in the East, does that now make Covid-19 a third world disease, and whether or not if J-Lo and Ben Affleck getting back together means I should dig out my old Tamagotchi from under my bed in some sort of Noughties’ tribute. The only thing distracting me from these thoughts? TikTok.

Tilly Brogan
Jan 25, 2024




Alexander and the Paradox of Choice

There’s a new audio listening app on the block. Hardly surprising given the surge in demand for audio and visual content as people churn though entertainment during unprecedented amounts of leisure time. We’re consuming more than ever and we’re doing it at pace.

Tanisha F
Jan 25, 2024

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