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How Heinz are moving their bean dream into the takeaway space

Tilly Brogan
January 25, 2024

Roughly how many times per week do you ask yourself if you should be living in London? On average mine’s 6, but the news that Deliveroo has teamed up with Heinz to launch their first-ever UK-based takeaway delivery service in London has bumped it up to 7. In partnership with the Lean Kitchen Network, the collaboration we didn’t know we needed sees the launch of the Beanz Station, a takeaway service offering Heinz’s own range of plant-based Beanz Burgerz. Even though these burgers are already available to buy from supermarkets, it looks like Heinz also wants to profit from that unbeatable satisfaction of getting one already cooked and spruced up delivered right to your door.

While a collaboration between Heinz and Deliveroo seems somewhat surprising considering the brand’s legendary popularity in British shopping baskets – over 2.5 million cans of Heinz Beanz are sold every day in the UK – really, it isn’t that surprising at all. The company’s move into the takeaway space is in line with statistics that show compared to just 9% of Gen Xers, 20% of millennials regularly use takeaway services. (Off the record, but I think my order of a Full English on Deliveroo last week also confirms this stat.)

And while this generational increase in ordering takeaways briefly declined 8% during the pandemic as 55% of consumers found themselves eating at home more frequently, this decline didn’t last long. It’s not a shock that we quickly grew tired of always cooking at home – that’s what happens when you rotate the same three dinner recipes – and takeaway services are once again on the rise.

With nature slowly healing and hungover Millennials, lazy Zillennials, and Gen Z who have just discovered the world of clubbing, slowly making their return to society, Heinz new offering of takeaway bean burgers will surely soon become another staple for Londoners who for the fourth day in a row, simply can’t be bothered to use what they’ve got in the fridge.

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