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Think of Paid Media as motoring. You can get from A to B by buying and burning fuel but the route needs to be as efficient as possible to preserve economy. PPC and Paid Social powers millions of businesses worldwide – and for eCommerce businesses in particular – is an essential Marketing channel.

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PPC & Paid Social

What are the benefits of PPC and Paid Social?

  • Target and sell to customers likely to consider your product or service 

  • Build up a knowledge of your customer and what interests them 

  • Test marketing messages, creative, images and videos 

  • Drive on-demand sales to your eCommerce site 

  • Appear In Google’s ‘Search Engine Results Pages’ for chosen keyword terms

What is your focus when it comes to PPC and Paid Social at Simpatica?

Our team of Manchester-based Marketers work across many elements of PPC and Paid Social. Notably, we focus on eCommerce-based clients in Prestige, Food, Fashion and Culture – in the creation and management of Paid Media campaigns. In addition, we run awareness and brand exposure campaigns across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Do I Have to provide my own copy, assets and videos to work with you?

We are always happy to use our clients’ copy, photography/videography and designs to power PPC and Paid Social campaigns. However, in many cases – our Simpatica Design team are happy to create assets and copy – meeting your brand guidelines- which we will specifically use with Paid Media campaigns. 

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