How do I get started with an SEO agency?

Think of SEO as sailing. You need to set the sails, chart the right course, and be patient for prevailing winds. SEO is all about careful preparation. We don’t draw a distinction between technical SEO and SEO content – we view both as essential ingredients of SEO success. The first thing to know – when it comes to getting started with an SEO agency – is to be clear about the end goal. At Simpatica, before we commit to undertake any SEO work on your behalf, we will have an open conversation about your expectations, timeframes and what’s feasible within your category.

I have worked with other SEO agencies, and I didn’t see any change – is SEO just not right for my business?

SEO is often easy to sell and hard to deliver – which can leave a sour tase in your mouth if you’ve had a less than fruitful experience with an agency. At Simpatica, with the exception of technical SEO projects and the SEO elements of site migrations, we generally don’t offer ‘SEO’ as a standalone service – but one element of an overall marketing strategy. (For example – however well-optimised for SEO your website is – you’re not likely to see much Organic traffic within 6-months without a complementary outreach strategy.)

Will you charge for an SEO audit I won’t understand?

In brief – no. All recommendations we make will be in plain English. However, If you need an SEO tech audit for a development team – we’re happy to get right into the technical detail. You can see an example of this kind of audit here for King’s Cross.

SEO for technical Team

Download >>>

SEO for Website Migrations and Maintenance

When migrating a website from one platform to another or making major codebase adjustments – getting the SEO right is of vital importance. At Simptica, we can help make sure your work is set up for success by advising you or your development agency of SEO best practices and providing hands-on SEO support.

SEO for Shopify Migrations

As Simpatica is a Shopify specialist agency – we have a particular interest and expertise in the migration of businesses to Shopify. When it comes to the SEO side of the migration we’ve developed our own checklist which you can view here.


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